What Color is Gasoline?

Many a man is confused about the original and the added color to different fuels. Even it is a taxable offense to use unauthorized colored gas in the vehicles. So, isn’t it crucial to know the color of the gas?

Naturally, the raw fuels are color and it is called white. Then different color is added depending on different purposes. For example: untaxed fuels which are used in empowering agricultural equipment, are clear and white. On the other hand, the fuels which are used in vehicle running on the roads, are taxable.

Hence, if anyone is found to use colored fuels in the vehicles, he or she will be fined. Furthermore, the colored fuels are not so good to use in the vehicles instead of authorized fuel.

What Color is Gasoline?

Gasoline is the first and foremost fuel for your large investment car. It keeps your car in good condition as well as smooth running. So, people want to use the authorized gasoline. A lot of car owners think about the proper color of the gasoline. Because quality of gasoline depends on the color added to the fuel. Sometimes, it is mixed with harmful contamination which brings severe result to the car.

Original Color/ Clear Gas

Is there any original color of the gas? The color of the gas varies and all colors are demanded to be the top quality. Even, you may see yellowish, purple, green, blue or reddish gas.

But, the original color of the gasoline is clear. It is produced within a complicated process from the fossil fuel. Depending on the different purposes, color is added to the clear gas.

However, clear gas is used in the car on the road and it is available in any fuel stations.  The gas is made with low level of sulfur and legally taxed. It is used mainly for the diesel engine.

Dyed Gas​

Dyed gas is made with red or other color added with the clear gas. It is not always available for the public rather available for off-road equipment. However, color is added to differentiate the gas for different purposes. For example: blue color is added to the gas especially for the government vehicles. So, blue gas helps to differentiate the cars between the government vehicles and the car owners.

What Color is Unleaded Gasoline?

Depending on the exact distillate used in the manufacture, unleaded gasoline has several colors. But the typical color of the unleaded gasoline is nearly transparent to yellowish. A rare but top quality gas is the slight blue tint. Though, leaded gasoline is hardly found nowadays, it contains tetraethyl lead to make it red.

What color is kerosene?

Kerosene is a combustible substance which is derived from the fossil fuel. It is originally clear with a slight yellowish tone. However, liquid blue dye is added to differentiate it as a subsidized product. The blue color also helps to detect adulteration.

However, you’ll also find red dyed kerosene with a small quantities at some special stores. Moreover, color is added to kerosene to differentiate the taxable and tax-exempt status. Whether the dyed kerosene is used for home uses, the clear kerosene is used for industries. Sometimes, powder color is added to the clear kerosene for many decorative purposes.

What Color Is Diesel Fuel?

Diesel is probably the most used fuel among the fossil fuels. However, like other fuels, it is also dyed to differentiate the purposes.

Red Diesel

Red diesel is the specifically dyed for specific purposes. It is used for farm equipment and home uses. Also, it is used for off-road purposes such as heating oil, tractor and so on. Even, it is less taxable and for many states, red diesel is tax-exempt. So, if any motor owner is found to use diesel instead of using higher taxable fuels, the owner is severely fined.

What Color Is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is referred to the green diesel. It is more economically friendly than the traditional diesel oil. It is a byproduct of the petroleum refining process. Also, it doesn’t refer an original color of the oil. However, it is also created from the plant and animal fats and used for refining technology.

Sometimes, biodiesel is also called as the vegetable oil fuel. Nowadays, biodiesel is used in standard diesel engines as well as converted diesel engines. It can be used alone or blended with any other petro-diesel substances.

However, the color of the biodiesel bears the color of the finished product. But, most of the time, it is seen as a blackish color. It also smells the vegetable used to produce the oil.

What Color Is Petrol?

Petrol is a widely used fossil fuel. It comes with two grades: premium grades and regular grades. Though modern vehicle can use both premium as well as regular grades, a regular specified engine can result in damage for using premium grades.

However, the color of the premium grade petrol is the yellow whereas the regular comes with purple or bronze color. Also, the color isn’t fixed and it can be changed at any time at any state.

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