What Causes Blown Fuses in Cars?

Are you annoyed on blowing the fuses of the car? Think different. It’s good to blow a car fuse as it prevents your car from something dangerous occurring. A fuse is a one-time preventive cheap device which conducts current level. So, when current exceeds the authorized level, the fuse save the car by blowing itself.  

However, after blowing a fuse, necessity investigation is done to find out the actual problem. So, always use an authorized fuse to keep safe your car and other automobiles. However, different causes can occur car fuse blown. So, let’s go through to know the culprits of car fuse blown.

Causes fuse to keep blowing

Though fuses keep the car safe from burning by melting itself, some culprits work behind it. These culprits are the weakness of the safe journey. Here are they:

Faulty Wiring

Electrical devices are sensitive and cause dangerous accidents because of unwise settings. A defective motor wiper can allow excessive current flow which is a main cause of a blown a fuse. Additionally, short circuits are the output of defective switches whereas frozen wipers occur impeding wiper movement to blow a fuse. Furthermore, power seats, heating and cooling blower motors, electric fuel pumps and air conditioner can cause a blown a fuse due to improper installation.

Incorrect Amperage Rating

Here, you must be conscious whether it’s not matter you have technical knowledge or not. Make sure that the fuse has the appropriate and authorized amperage rating to the circuit. You can know it easily by checking the vehicle’s manual.

An incorrect amperage rating pulls to much current which results in short circuit. However, you may find 5, 10 or 15 amp fuse which indicates the amount of current it can pull. So, install the same and authorized amperage rating to prevent catastrophic failure. Otherwise, a dangerous fire will occur to burn the car.

Faulty Resistance

Resistance is another cause to keep blowing in the car fuse. The abundance of resistance can be occurred for a damaged power wire or lesser in diameter. So, due to continuous work of the fuse, it produces much amount of heat. An appropriate resistance can keep the heat under control. Otherwise, the excessive heat can blow the car fuse.

Inappropriate connection to the ground power wire

Too much heat in the power wire is responsible to keep fuses blowing in the car. The power wire is attached to the battery. Then the whole setting is grounded. Here, the fuse is embedded for the pop-up to keep the amplifier stay intact. So, if the ground chord is damaged or connected improperly, the fuse blows.

Therefore, check the chord and connection before installation. If everything comes accurate, check the chassis as well as other possible causes.

Wet wiring harness

A leak in the wire can soak the carpets which results the wiring harness wet. This wet wiring corrodes over time and create short circuit. Who doesn’t know that short circuit is the main responsible for fusing blowing. Also, friction against the wiring harness cause a short while touching to the ground. It causes intermittent shorts which occasionally results in blown fuse.

Blown Fuse in Car Symptoms

A fuse is the safety device of a car. It prevents the car from massive and dangerous accidents by occurring a little amount of damage. For example: some minor car electrical problems are occurred due to blown car fuse. The radio may not operate, the backup lights or the interior lights maybe light, the turn signal can be lost or the climate control features may not work properly. So, pay a deep attention to these little damage and keep the car safe.

What to Do When Car Fuses Blow

When you are confirmed by knowing the symptoms that fuse is blown, find out the reason(s) behind it. At first, check the amp rating as you have to change the fuse. Always use the similar fuse in the place of the blown fuse. If the problem is in the wire, repaired it decently. Check the connection points before switching on the fuse. However, also, pay a deep attention on the battery and the motor to ensure a secure electrical connection.

Final remarks

As electrical current is responsible for short circuit and blowing fuse, always maintain a safe and secure electrical connection. Also, never compromise to the quality of the fuse and other electrical equipment. Though electrical equipment are small in size, they can keep your assets safe from dangerous incidents.

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