How to Use a Grease Gun

Friction and rust reduce the durability and efficiency of the car parts and tools. Hence, grease is effective to reduce friction. A grease tool is a handy and effective tool to inject grease to the complex joints of the car parts. It helps to apply lubricants onto moving mechanical parts.

However, a grease gun is important for home mechanics. Though it is easy to handle, you must know how to use it, how the parts work and finally how to repair it. So, got through the article if you are interested in being master of using a grease gun.

Things You'll Need

  • Manual grease gun
  • Grease cartridge or tub
  • Gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Stiff paper, cardboard or rags
  • Protective clothing

How to Load the Grease Gun

Loading is important and primitive stage of using a grease gun. As there are several types of guns, you may have to follow different ways. But, all of them as a common way to be filled. So, at first, remove the head of the gun by unscrewing the barrel. Then open the new grease cartridge by pull the rod handle back. Then insert the new grease into the barrel. Clean the barrel's end before attaching it to the gun. Make sure that the rim is in the right position of the grease gun.

Also, ensure that the cap of the barrel is loose enough to the end. It’ll help later. Now, release the rod handle by turning it out from the retaining groove. Then. Depress it so that the force helps the grease to head to the grease gun and makes the air out. Also, pump the gun to release some grease to the nozzle and wipe it before attaching to the gun. Tighten it so that air can’t enter into the barrel.

How to Use the Grease Gun

So, now it's time to use the grease gun. After loading the grease into the barrel, connect the grease nipple with the jaw like a portion of the grease gun. Using a clamp will help you here to connect them. Then, use a hand-crank to create pressure in the barrel. If sufficient pressure is created, pull the trigger to the target.

Here, directing the nipple to the target determines how efficiently you’ll lubricate the parts. After pulling the trigger to the right place, the lubricant will pour out from the opening in the nipple.

You can also apply pressure at the barrel to push the piston down. It helps to create a force to outflow the lubricants from the nipple.

Special Tips for using a grease gun efficiently

  • Never mix different lubricants in a barrel. Always use different guns for different greases.
  • Always relieve the air from the gun. Never tighten the head completely at a time, instead push the rod handle several times. It’ll help to release the air from the barrel.
  • Always wear an apron or other work clothes while working with grease guns. Grease nipples can be messy.
  • Work in a calm environment. Heavy wind can create the lubricants messy.
  • Never apply excess pressure on the trigger. Otherwise, it can break the bearing seals. Shields.
  • Keep the gun away from heat and moisture. Also, release the air pressure before storing the grease gun.
  • Several parts are equipped for a grease gun. Here, needles and nipples are sensitive and tentative to fragile. So, keep them cautiously. Otherwise, they can slip and puncture your sin.
  • If you’re affected anyway, take treatment from doctors. Otherwise, you may be affected by infections or even gangrene.
  • The barrel of the grease gun should be free from any dust, lint or metal savings before loading the grease.
  • Nipples, nozzles, needles and other parts should be clean regularly. Also, you must clean before and after every use. Otherwise, they can be clog which results in danger. 

Maintenance of Grease Gun

You can use a grease gun for many days by taking proper maintenance. The grease should be clean regularly for smooth functioning. Also, rinse the parts in warm water and let them dry. Without dry, never store them. However, it’ll be to use grease on the parts before storing them. Therefore, they’ll last long.

Final Remarks

Lubricants help the mechanical parts to maximize their life. It also helps the machine to minimize the abortion rate. So, you should be careful about using a grease gun for getting efficiency. Also, take proper care of the gun parts to maximize its life.

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