How to Remove Wheel Locks

Wheel lock is a modern-day safety tool for the vehicles. It saves the car and bike from being stolen even if the thief can start it. Generally, it is made of robust materials such as stainless steel and so on. So, it is not easily breakable.

However, you may lose the key of the wheel lock anyhow. Hence, as it is not easily breakable, you must have to follow a different way.

Here, you’ll know in details about how to remove wheel locks with or without a key. So, go through the article and know more.

Caution: don’t skip any step to get the desired result.

Ways to remove wheel locks

You are probably worried about your vehicles and installed wheel locks to protect them. However, you may sometimes forget where the key is. Hence you can try the following method to unlock the wheel locks without a key. Furthermore, removing wheel locks with the key is a task. So, let’s start.

Removing wheel locks with a wheel lock key

A key is a leading tool for removing the wheel lock. So, follow the steps to remove the wheel locks.

  • At first, get the wheel lock key as well as lug nut wrench ready. You can use a parking brake to lock the rolling motion. It'll increase security to the lock's movement. 
  • Then, align the key to the lug nut. After that, line up the splines on the wheel lock and the wheel lock key. Then, place the wheel lock key and start turning slowly. Hence, the design lines of the key and the wheel lock will be aligned.
  • Once the design of the lock and the key are aligned, the wheel lock will be removed.
  • Now, put the lug nut on the key and start turning counterclockwise of the previous process. Once again, the design lines will be aligned to lock the wheels. So, you won’t lose the wheel lock.
  • Now, turn off the lock and place the lock on the wheel.

Remember: never put force to strip the wheel lock. It may damage the entire locking system.

Removing Wheel Locks without a Key Tool

Security is a concern for the car owners. Thieves can remove wheel by using a floor jack or a lug nut wrench. Though it shouldn't happen, many a time it happens. They unlock the wheel locks and steal the wheels and tires- a much investment of your money. However, you should be more careful to prevent your money, i.e., wheels and tires.

Furthermore, sometimes, it happens that you may lose the key of the wheel lock. As each wheel is locked individually with the lug nut or the wheel stud, losing key has a worse impact. You may have to break the lock which may damage the wheel in the result. Here is a way to remove the wheel lock without a key. So, go through the following steps.

  • Required tools
  • A screwdriver
  • A punch
  • A rubber mallet
  • A lug nut wrench
  • Wheel lock removal kit

Steps to remove the wheel lock

  • At first, use a parking brake under the car. It’ll prevent the car from falling or a rolling motion when the wheel locked is loosen.
  • After applying the parking brake, take the wheel lock removal tool. Now, check the tools into the wheel whether it fits well or not. The removal tool should be fit tightly inside the wheel lock. Check the teeth of the tool bit into the wheel lock.
  • Now, hit the removal tool with a rubber mallet. Continue the hitting firmly to the tool's end. Ensure that the teeth of the wheel removal tool are continuously digging into the lock. It'll happen when the removal tool is stuck on the wheel lock.
  • Now, use the wrench to loosen the wheel lock key along with the help of the removal key. It may take some time to complete the effort. Complete the process to loosen the wheel lock.
  • Now, take the wheel lockout of the wheel removal tool. Use a screwdriver to get through the wheel lock removal tool's hole. Hit the punch with the rubber mallet.
  • After a few hits, the damage wheel lock will pop out of the wheel. Sometimes you may use the removal tool to turn the shape clockwise. It gets the wheel lock removed.
  • You can use the same procedure as many times as you need. Never do it for any illegal activities.
  • However, when you install a new wheel lock, place it at a place where you can easily find it. Even, upon forgetting the new key, you can easily remove the wheel lock.

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