How to Jumpstart A Car without Another Car

It’s a nightmare when your car stops in the middle of the road. You might have gone through experience when you are busy, but the car wasn't started. Nobody wants to go through this experience, but almost everybody has to go for their unconscious.

Car battery failure is a common phenomenon for cars. Even most old car owners have to face the situation. They are to wait for the family members, friends or the kind strangers to start the car.

However, you can avoid the unwanted situation by taking some steps. A jumpstart battery can help you out of the awkward situation.

The Benefits of Jumping a Car Battery without another Car

Generally, it’s a nightmare to find your battery is dead when you want to turn the car on with your key. Most of the time you need another car to jumpstart. However, finding a way to start the car without the help of another car is extremely convenient. Also, it helps you to be more independent and tension-free. You can take the required initiatives to eliminate the potential problem of the car. Jumpstarting your car without another car helps you save a lot of time. Even, it helps you whenever and wherever you have nothing to get help.

Way to jump start a car without another car

Though it seems a problem of finding the battery dead, you can find ways to jumpstart your car. So, follow the below steps to know in details about the ways.

Using a portable jump start battery

A portable jump start battery helps in many ways when you are in trouble. You may keep it in the car storage when your car battery seems to be running out.

Get a good quality Car battery Jumper

At first, ensure that you have a top quality jump start battery. Any normal battery may not provide enough power to start the car. So, make sure the quality of the battery even if you have to spend a little extra money on this regard. A good quality battery also ensures the safety purposes, and it is made in this way so that you, as a novice user, can use this without any helping hand.

So, how can use yourself use the car jumpstart battery? At first, turning the ignition off and get ready by putting it in the car or a neutral place. Then, activate the brake and check whether it works well or not. Next to activate the brakes, switching off all the electronics such as lights and radio and so on.

Connect the Battery to the Car

When you are ready by switching the electronics off, now get ready by popping the hood so that you can connect the battery to the car. After popping the hood up, place the car jumpstart battery next to the car battery safely. Now, take the jumper cables and connect them to the right directions. Always, connect the red cable to the car’s red terminal and black to black. The red terminal denotes positive whether the black resembles the negative terminal. Hence, you can use clips to attach the jumper cables. It keeps the cables to the terminals tightly and safely.

Switch On the Jumpstart Battery and Make It Get It Charged

Once you have connected the jump start battery to the car battery, now turning on the battery and keep it at least 5 minutes. By this time, the car battery will be charged enough to get started your engine. However, get as much charge as possible for your car battery from the jumpstart, it’ll help you in the long run.

Start your car

It is expected that your car battery has enough charge to get started. So, make sure that all the connections are neutral. Now, turn the key on to start the car. If your car battery has enough charge, the car engine will roar at once.

Here is a caution. Once you have started your car, disconnect the jumpstart battery from the car battery. Don’t make a mistake here. Simply reverse the process you have followed earlier.

Furthermore, always disconnect the jump battery while the car is running or the engine is working. Otherwise, the car battery may not work well for the deficiency of charge.

Final Remarks

Failing car battery creates a bothersome situation for the car owners. Unfortunately, it happens when you are in a hurry to go for any trip. However, always take care of your car and its parts. Your care can help you avoid an unwanted situation.

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