How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Gas price is always unpredictable. Sometimes it goes down, but most of the time, it goes up. So, what should the drivers do to get efficiency? Here, improving the gas mileage is crucial. It helps to save money by reducing frequent trips as well as extends the life of the car.

So, here are some tips you can follow to get better gas mileage.

How to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Almost all car owners want to increase fuel efficiency. So, they apply different ideas. Some of them are scientific, and some of them are only beliefs. So, all ideas can't turn good result for the drivers. Here, you can follow the scientifically proved ideas to increase fuel efficiency.

Proper Inflation

Proper inflation of the tire reduces not only the accidents but also fuel consumption by 3%. So, check the tire pressure regularly to ensure prompt inflation. Generally, the tire loses 1 PSI per month. So, if you ride once a month or twice a month, make sure that the tire has enough pressure. It also saves you take much more loads on the wheel.

Quality fuel

All fuels are different from one another regarding quality and price. So, always buy quality fuel to provide the engine a healthy life. Sometimes, you may find discounted fuel that is enriched with ethanol. As ethanol burns at a faster rate, the fuel won't help you ride along the way. Ultimately, you have to pay more to ride a long way with this fuel.

Lighten loads

The more loads a vehicle carries, the more fuel it wants. So, take off the loads from the car and make it light as much as possible. So, how can you make it light? If the seats are not used, take them out. Scientifically proved that a 100 pounds weight consumes fuel by 1-2%.

Keep at least one quarter fuel

A fully loaded tank requires 10 gallons of fuel that adds extra 60 pounds weight to the car. So, to keep your vehicle light, always fill up halfway of the tank with gas. It helps to increase mileage for the car. Moreover, never make empty of the fuel tank. So, try to keep the tank above one-quarter full.

Tune up the engine

The engine is the heart of the car. It keeps the vehicle well by providing fuel. So, a finely tuned engine can maximize durability and efficiency. But, don't try to turn on the engine frequent times. It may disable the efficiency of the engine, even if it is new. So, ensure to keep the spark plugs good in position and change the engine oil regularly. Moreover, the air filter should be changed regularly to ensure efficiency and durability. Because a dirty air filter reduces fuel economy and makes the engine idle.

Drive slowly

A misconception goes that fast driving saves fuel. The fact is, fast riding can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 33%. Because the engine has to work hard to push through the air. Here, the air resistance works to decrease the fuel efficiency that impacts on the power of an engine. A study says that more than 60mph speed decreases fuel efficiency. Hence, using cruise control helps a lot to control fuel consumption by maintaining a constant speed.

Use narrow tire

As tire is the only medium to connect you to the ground, you should choose the tire style consciously. It must satisfy your riding style and demands. Having less frontal area, a narrow tire can reduce aerodynamic drag between the surface and the tire. Furthermore, a narrow tire has always less traction. But. Never use a tire which is incomplete or smaller to the wheels. It may result in severe accidents.

Use a synthetic oil additive

Changing the oil in due time is crucial. Using fresh oil increases the gas mileage by up to 15%. But, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the advantages. However, you always pay deep attention to the recommended usage of the oil when it is time to change.

Moreover, always use a natural or synthetic additive to the engine oil. The additive oil makes the engine oil less viscous. So, the engine oil will be less circulated for the engine to work much by less hard.

Final remarks

Fuel savings is a good idea to reduce pressure on your wallet. Also, some good ideas keep the engine well to last for years. But never apply any unscientific method to test the functionality of the car otherwise, you may lose your car or even pay the damages.

Happy driving.

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