How to change a car battery without losing settings

Most people don’t know why the anti-theft alarm or radio don’t work after changing the battery. Have you any experience of changing the settings after changing the car battery? Though changing a car battery is relatively an easy practice, many people can’t do it. They go to the workshops and pay to change the battery. But, with a little awareness, you can change the battery without changing the settings.

Moreover, the latest model vehicles depend on a computer system for smooth running. So, when settings are lost, the whole computer reset to default which is quite different and uneasy to drive. Even, you have to enter the security code once again to get desired settings. However, to avoid all these complexities, you have to change the car battery without changing the settings.

So, follow the below steps to get the settings to remain unchanged.

Tools required to change the car battery

  • A small socket or wrench
  • A jump pack or booster
  • A new car battery

Steps to Change the car battery

Hope, you have all the required tools. Now, go through the steps as described. Don’t skip any step

Find car battery

Many new users may not know where the car battery is located. So, open the bonnet and locate the car battery. You can find it in a plastic box or under a padded canvas cover. If you don’t find it in the bonnet, check the seats inside the car.

Set up another (supportive) power source

As you don’t want to change the settings, it’s essential to provide power to the settings continuously. Now, find a suitable location from where the leads can easily reach to the battery terminals. Now, connect the leads to the battery terminals to ensure continuous power supply. Here, you must be conscious not to touch both clamps with each other. Otherwise, the settings will burn out into the fire. You can ensure the right connection easily without any technical knowledge.

Always, connect black to black and red to red. Sometimes you may find blue or green color instead of black. Also, make sure that the power supply will be smooth, and no obstacles will be there to hinder the power supply. Now, switch on the newly connected power source.

Remove the clamps from the old battery

Now it's time to reposition your current and newly connected battery. So, pay an in-depth look at how the current battery is positioned in its place. It may be attached to the floor-pan by using a clamp holding the battery. The clamp helps to attach the battery to the floor strictly. Sometimes, you may find the clamp over the battery instead of the floor pan.

After paying deep concentration on how the battery is positioned, use the socket to loosen the bolts of the clamp. At last, remove the clamps both from the floor and the battery.

Remove the old battery

Once you have successfully joined the new battery to the leads, it's time to remove the old battery. Never be hurry to remove the old battery. At first, remove the leads from the battery and then remove the battery. Always look that the new connection of the leads and the battery terminal is alright. Use your socket to loosen the bolts of the battery holding the clamps to the leads. Don’t remove the bolts now but loosen them only. Now remove the negative lead from the current battery cautiously while the supportive battery is connected. Then, remove another lead from the battery in the same way.

Once you remove both the leads, now you can remove the battery from the vehicle. The car settings won’t be changed as the supportive battery ensures the power supply. 

Connect the new battery

At first place the new battery to the previous place without disturbing the connection of the leads. Now connect one of the leads to the battery terminal by red to red or black to black. Remember that, only one lead is to be added to the battery terminal and the clamp won’t be removed anywhere. Now, connect another lead to the battery terminal and tighten it.

After connecting both the leads to the battery terminals, manoeuver them efficiently. Once the joints are perfect, safely remove the clamps from the supported powerhouse.

Clamp the Battery in place

Now, use your socket to tighten the bolts of the clamps holding the battery to the floor pan. Switch on the radio to test whether all the settings remain the same or not. Hope, everything is alright as power isn't cut in the entire process.

Final Remarks

Replacing a car battery is so simple that a novice user can easily change it. However, if you find any problem after connecting the new battery, call an expert mechanic or leave a comment below. Hope, you can avoid any unexpected problem by following the steps as mentioned earlier in order.

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