How Often To Change Cabin Air Filter

Dirty air is the main reason for affecting with lungs cancer and other air-borne diseases. Hence most of us care about the air we breathe. So, do you care about the cabin air filter?

Mechanics always recommend using a clean cabin air filter which can improve air quality inside the car. So, replacing the old and dirty cabin filter should be the top importance while keeping up the general vehicle maintenance.

However, the cabin air filter ensures the clean air which is essential for healthy breath. It catches debris, sand and other dirt which helps the engine last longer. But, some of us don't know when to change the cabin air filter. Also, consider that replacing a cabin air filter also costs much.

If you are confused about changing the cabin air filter, go through the article to know the ins and outs of changing the cabin air filter.

What is a Cabin Air Filter?

Since 2000, uses of cabin air filter are increases in a fast way with some other features. It helps to keep the car inside tidy and clean. Usually, it is located under the hood or dashboard or behind the glove compartment. Also, most of the air filter uses an HVAC system to prevent air pollutants, dirt, dust, smog, pollen, etc. Furthermore, replacing a cabin air filter may help you reduce the repairing cost. Who doesn't know that new is better than repairing if both cost almost the same?

How Often to Change Cabin Air Filter

Here, renowned mechanics have a different opinion on the replace of the air filter. For instances, Potter recommends changing cabin filter after every 15000 to 20000 miles. On the other hand, Roberts recommends allowing at least 30000 miles with a new filter. However, as there are different brands and companies, you must check the manufacturer’s manual after each time installation.

By the way, it thoroughly depends on several conditions and the frequency of changing. If you change it before the actual time, it is a complete waste of money. On the contrary, if you take longer time after the specified time, it won't work well to filter the air. Hence, you may be affected by air-borne diseases.

How much does it cost?

Though cabin air filter helps to breathe healthily, it won't cost too much. A cabin air filter costs about $15 to $20. You may spend an additional $50 for the labor cost. So, you can get a new filter for charging under $100. However, high-end cars are more expensive, and they entirely depend upon different models and features.

Reasons behind the changing of Cabin Air Filter

As we have mentioned above that replacing depends on several conditions, here they are. If you want to live a healthy life, you can't ignore the importance of healthy breathing. So, let’s explain why you should change the air filter on due time.

Ensure Fresh Air

Most probably, fresh air is more important than food. Without fresh air, you can’t live long. Whether an ineffective filter releases malfunctioning air, a new cabin filter helps you keep your breath fresh. Also, a malfunctioning filter allows ton enter odor, dust, and dirt. So, when you turn on AC, the inside of car turns into a nasty environment.

Keep Free From Allergies

An active filter always purifies the air before allow to enter into the car. So, no allergens can enter into the vehicle's compartment. Also, as it filters the air, no other microorganisms and pollens are allowed to enter there. Moreover, the filter develops a system which ensures to block all other allergens. Hence, you are utterly free from allergies.

Faster Cooling

If you are experiencing a scorching heat or predominately hot climate, the air cooler inside the car can make you cool. It only happens if the AC can instantly exit cool air. What will happen if the exit compartment is blocked by dirt and debris? It blocks the fresh air to exit and make the environment cool. So, make sure that the passenger compartment is free from dirt by setting up an effective air filter.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

If you use a deteriorated air filter, it requires much more efforts to make the room cold. The engine has to work hard to make the filter fully worked. However, if the engine has to work less, it saves your fuel. So, to increase the fuel efficiency, make sure that you are using a top quality cabin air filter.

Final Remarks

If you still hesitate about changing the cabin air filter, consider your health as well as the car's health. For the health concern of the passenger, you must change the air filter. The Question is when the best time to change is. Always follow the manufacturer’s manual and enjoy a happy journey.

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