Best Cabin Air Filter Review 2023

Was your last trip in the car cozy and pleasant? Was there any musty or unpleasant odor coming from the car? Or, even did you feel dusty breath while driving for the family tour?

If any answer is yes, you may have overlooked something crucial in your car. Cabin air filter becomes a crucial part of the car nowadays. But most car owners overlook it. Even, it is the manufacturer’s recommendation to check the filter frequently, and the owners are not interested until they feel an unpleasant breath.

So, when was the last time you had the cabin air filter changed? Probably, you have forgotten it. The best cabin filters keep the air vivid and fresh inside the car. They also remove odor from the contaminants and pollutants to ensure healthy breath.

However, you may find hundreds of auto air filters in the market. But, there is no principle among brands like mobile phones. In Europe, all the mobile phone chargers must be the same, but the car owners can still manufacture the cabin air filter at their own style. Something looks awesome may not suit into your ventilation system.

Here, we have reviewed the best cabin air filters to make you know which one can suit into your car. Also, you’ll get additional information about how to choose the best products from this best cabin air filter review.

What Does the Cabin Air Filter Do?

Cabin air filter ensures clean air which is pivotal to the engine. Even, it helps the ventilation system to keep a steady and running air flowing. It keeps the pollen, dirt, debris, dust or exhaust gases outside of the car. Also, it prevents unwanted elements from entering into the HVAC system. By the way, the latest invented air circulation system keeps the entire system from clogging.

 More importantly, the cabin air filter ensures fresh and healthy air for the passengers of the car. Though it is an invention of late 2000, it works well since the invention. Certainly, it helps a lot during the allergy season. Finally, it prevents your bucks from making an expensive repair of the air conditioner or other parts inside the car. If it doesn’t work well, the motor may burn up due to the lack of AC. 

How does a cabin air filter work?

A cabin filter removes debris, dust, pollen, and other pollutants to keep the air inside the car clean. It ensures a healthy and breathable air for the passengers. It keeps the interior air cleaner by filtering the air out from entering through the Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioner.

Most of the filters are located behind the dashboard or under the hood of the vehicle. So, when the air is entering into the vehicle, it comes through the HVAC system. So, all the parts such as the heater, vent, defroster and air conditioner get filtered air supply by the air filter.

Where is the Cabin Air Filter Located?

Usually, a cabin air filter is located behind the glove box. It is easily accessible from the glove box by freeing it with the fasteners. On the other hand, you may find it under the dashboard which is not easily accessible. No matter where it is located, you can free it by following the owner’s manual. But, a cabin under the hood can works best for controlling the air circulation system. Though you may find some of them are expensive enough, paying $50 will be a great investment for a good quality filter. SO, don’t hesitate to change the filter.

How to Change a Cabin Air Filter

A cabin air filter should be changed after every 12000 miles to 15000 miles going. Though the manufacturer recommends it, you can change it according to your necessary. If you feel poor quality of air, it is an important sign of changing the air filter. However, you can change the air filter without going to the mechanical workshop. By changing the filter of yourself, you can save your money along with knowing a lot of your car.

So, follow the below steps:

  • At first, find the location of the filter. The location can vary from car to car. Usually, it is under the hood, but sometimes you may find it behind the glove box. However, after finding the exact location, open the glove box. Then, take the contents out of the box.
  • Now, remove the limiting stop arm of the contents. Slide it off the pin as it is on the right side of the glove box. Now, release the glove box by grasping it frequently front and back until the clamps pop free. Once the sides are free, drop down the glove box to see the entire faceplate of the cabin air filter.
  • Now remove the old air filter from the glove box and take it out of the filter compartment. Here, notice the direction of the faceplate as it’ll be essential to set a new filter. Try not to scatter any dust or trash inside the car while pulling out the old filter.
  • After pulling the air filter out of the gloves, there is nothing inside it. Now, clean the filter chamber and check the gaskets and seals. If the gaskets and seals need to be changed, install a new one.
  • Once you clean or install the seals and gaskets, now it’s time to install the new cabin air filter. Make sure that the arrows of the new filter have the same directions as the old one. Slide the new one to set it well. Then reinstall the faceplate and snap the glove box back in the place.

Best Cabin Air Filter Review

Though hundreds of cabin filters are available in the market, out experts, have found the following models efficient to meet your need. So, pick the best auto air filter and breath a vivid air with a comfortable driving.

1. EPAuto CP285 (CF10285) Replacement for Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Subaru Replacement Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated Carbon

If you sneeze, cough or smell something unwanted, now it’s time to change your air filter for the cabin. Bring a high quality, impressive and well-designed cabin air filter for the healthy ventilation system. The EPAuto CP285 comes in breathtaking design along with sturdy materials to ensure gutsy inhale.

Interestingly, CP285 comes with developed pinholes or seal around the edges which prevents the contaminants from entering into the ventilation. So, the air entering the cabin is fresh and safe. Furthermore, the filter contains both carbon and soda to generate fresh breeze air. Of course, it’s not for one time. It continuously maintains high quality and standards of production for generating clean air.

In addition to the soda and carbon, the filter has a higher number of pleats so that it can filter much more air. Even for the higher number of pleats, it requires fewer materials which result in less cost. So, why do you pay more when paying less can sufficiently meet your need?

Don’t hesitate to see a thick filter. As it comes with soda and carbon, the pleats get thick but not, so that makes problem to set into the glove box. Finally, it is easy to install so you can save some bucks to call in a mechanical engineer to set in it.

Remarkable Features

  • Modest price for the genuine product to meet your fresh and gutsy air need.
  • Soda and carbon generate fresh breeze air.
  • A higher number of pleats to filter all sorts of contaminants to enter into the cabin.
  • Multifunctional design to suit different car models.
  • Enhance HVAC performance for fresh air as well as remove odor.
  • Easy installation requires no technical knowledge but to follow the owner’s manual.

2. FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter

FRAM is popularly known as an automobile parts company; it always delivers quality parts for the automobiles. But, when it comes to the issue of cabin air filter, FRAM pairs with another giant ARM & HAMMER. They work together to deliver the best ever filter to provide clean, fresh and 98% dust-free air inside the car. The exceptional air filter will serve the car at least 15000 miles.

As ARM & HAMMER is inside the filter, the baking soda along with the carbon plays a key role for cleaning the air. So, they both trap debris and contaminants and keep them outside of the car. As a result, only fresh and clean air can enter into the car. Moreover, no odor can stay inside your favorite vehicle. Along with the baking soda, the natural deodorizing from ARM & HAMMER helps the air filter filtering air naturally.

It begins with a feeling of freshness while you drive in a cozy environment. The natural air passing through the car’s air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems keeps the inner environment healthy for the passengers as well as for the drivers. You admit that how important natural air for the long drive it is!

Finally, the FRAM car air filter is an exceptional but easy to install part of the car. Though it can restrict dirt, mildew, pollen, mold, contaminants and other particles, it never prevents air flow to enter into the car. So, ultimately, the parts won’t get hot which results in a long-lasting engine. So, don’t forget to install the filter by following the manufacturer’s provided manual. Remarkable Features

  • The joint venture of FRAM and ARM & HAMMER to provide the best air filter.
  • Baking soda from ARM & HAMMER to keep all debris outside of the car.
  • Sufficient airflow to keep all the parts and ingredients live and long-lasting.
  • Filter contaminants up to 98% to protect HVAC and other parts.
  • Easy installation by following QR codes and installation videos.

3. K&N VF2000 Washable & Reusable Cabin Air Filter Cleans and Freshens Incoming Air for your Subaru, Toyota

Do you want anything that can be used again and again? K&N exactly meets your need as it comes with a reusable design for clean and fresh incoming air. The filter is charged electrostatically that helps to grab and hold unwanted particles. As a result, the car inside is completely free from odor, dust, mold, mildew, fungus and other contaminants.

As the filter is made of using a safe and biodegradable ingredient, it never harms your inhalation. Moreover, the natural ingredients help the filter to last long. The reusable and washable filter can be used frequent times. You can wash them if you feel the filter isn’t working well. So, you are completely free from getting lower quality air from the filter.

And you’d be right to get an intake air filter which is well-constructed. So, it adds horsepower, torque, and acceleration to the vehicle. Overall, it enhances the performance of the vehicle as the parts will remain intake and last longer due to keeping fresh for the fresh air. You can easily maintain the cleaning and exchanging after every 12000 miles uses.

And now it’s time to install the filter. You require about 2 minutes to install the system by following instructions given by the manufacturer. Moreover, as it is a DIY tool, you can easily remove it for cleaning. As a result, you can save your bucks from buying frequent filter after each use of 12000 miles of 15000 miles.

Remarkable Features

  • Reusable filter is easy to clean for further uses.
  • Biodegradable ingredients ensure natural, clean and fresh air for breathing.
  • Prevents odor, mold, fungus, mildew and other elements from entering into the car.
  • Easy to install that requires utmost 2 minutes as it comes factory fit.
  • Fits with almost all renowned brands and models.

4. FRAM FCF8791A Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer

Who doesn’t want a clean breath at home and journey? Even, you are lucky enough not to buy air for breathing like China. However, FRAM comes with an excellent air filter to provide clean and fresh air along with to prevent all unwanted scent and odor. The ARM & HAMMER helps the FRAM by providing unique baking soda and carbon to filter the air.

The FRAM freeze fresh air filter can prevent up to 98% dust and pollen particle to ensure fresh air entering into the car. The layers are too deep that nothing dirt and contaminants can enter along with the fresh air. So, driving and traveling in the car is comfortable. Unlike other filters, the baking soda removes all the odors from the car inside and keep the ventilation system alive.

As the statistics say that the inside of the car can be 6 times dirtier than the outside, you should take proper initiative to take a fresh breath while driving. The dirtier filter can’t prevent dirt and pollen from entering into the car. Here, the FRAM FCF8791A is a perfect and actual filter which actually matched your driving habits. It dramatically reduces passenger exposure and improves driving comfort by improving the surrounded environment.

The FRAM FCF8791A generates a powerful airflow. As it comes to factory fit, installation is easy and simple. You may not go to the workshop to change the filter if you know the basic of the car. However, you must be careful about the replacement of the filter as it contains two parts. Finally, it is a good and single time investment in a year for fresh and clean breath along with comfort driving.

Remarkable Features

  • A joint venture of two remarkable companies for providing the best cabin air filter.
  • Up to 98% filtering against dirt, pollen, dust, and other contaminants.
  • Unique baking soda and carbon to remove odor and unwanted scent from inside the car.
  • Powerful airflow to keep the ventilation system active.
  • Factory fit for easy and no time replacement.

5. EPAuto CP819 (CF11819) Replacement for Hyundai/Chevrolet/GMC/KIA/Saturn Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated Carbon

If you are skeptical about buying parts without compromising comfort while driving, the EPAuto CP819 will be a perfect choice. It comes with factory fit for most of the brands and models. The premium cabin air filter provides a strong flow of fresh and clean air for both the passengers and the driver.

Equipping with baking soda and carbon, the filter provides strong and animated air flow into the car. Moreover, the duos pull out odor and unwanted smell to keep breathing air. As it enhances the performance of HVAC, you are recommended to change the filter after 12 months or 15000 miles traveling, which comes first. It helps you to maintain the inside air fresh and vivid.

Coming with well designed, the filter is compatible with a variety of auto models such as Azera, Hyundai, Captive Sport, GMC, Chevrolet, etc. it never compromises with the quality as you don’t. Also, as the factory fit comes ready, you needn’t any tool or mechanical knowledge to replace the old one.

Unlike the others, the EPAuto CP819A comes with a little stiffer which makes it different from the others. It makes the filter soft and filtering the air precisely. However, like FRAM, it also contains soda and carbon to purify air perfectly.

Remarkable Features

  • Factory fit to match a different variety of models and brands.
  • Baking soda and carbon to ensure vivid and animated air flow.
  • Prevents debris, dust, dirt, and mist to enter into the car through ventilation.
  • Pulling out odor and unwanted smell from the car.
  • Enhance the performance of the HVAC for long lasting.

6. Mann-Filter CUK 2939 Cabin Filter With Activated Charcoal for select Audi/Volkswagen models

Do you want something exceptional but more active than the traditional air filters? Mann-Filter CUK 2939 comes with an activated charcoal layer which absorbs harmful gases inside the car. It is embedded in the non-woven material that makes pores. The pores are 10000 times finer than the human hair. So, it can precisely absorb different gases such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide or fuel smell. By this way, a healthy environment is created in the cabin.

Mann filters are the factory fit for the Volkswagen vehicles from the very factory model. But most of the brands and models are a suit with the Mann cabin air filter. The filter also comes with default carbon inside the layers. So, the slightest dirt also can’t enter into the cabin. Moreover, the filter consists of a non-woven filter media along with the activated charcoal to improve stability.

In addition to the best quality materials, the Mann also requires less time to replace the old filter. You can change the filter by yourself. So, why will you pay the mechanics? Moreover, the sealing gasket ensures maximum air penetration by providing a tight seal. Also, the layers work like a sponge to prevent the small particles of dirt from entering into the cabin of the car.

Remarkable features

  • Activated charcoal layers for better protection.
  • Factory fit cabin air filter for different vehicles especially for Volkswagen.
  • Maximum air penetration by providing a sealing gasket.
  • Combination of electrostatic and mechanical layers for optimum performance.
  • Robust materials for optimum ventilation with consistent filtration. 

7. FRAM CF10285 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer

FRAM has gained reputation by providing the best quality filters and other parts of the automobiles. The FRAM has manufactured the CF10285 along with ARM and HAMMER to ensure driving comfort. It can filter up to 98% pollen particle, dirt, mist and road dust to keep the inner environment healthy. The carbon embedded filter can also remove the odor and smell from the car through the vehicle ventilation system.

The FRAM CP10285 s the only filter in the market that has deodorizing qualities. It is a unique product of ARM and HAMMER to keep the cabin healthy and fresh. As contaminants inside the car are 6 times dirtier than the outside, it can expose the higher level of dust and dirt to the passengers. The carbon baking soda can pull out the inner dirt and particles from the car through the ventilation system.

Moreover, the filer comes with a tight sealing to prevent the pollutants, and the contaminants enter into the car. It seals all edges of the car to keep the inside environment separate from the outside. But, it allows maximum airflow for the cozy driving experience.

Besides the air filter, the easy installation brings a fundamental difference to the air quality of the inside environment as well as the outside one. The denser filter enables to trap more dirt to keep the air quality precise — finally, big applause to the FRAM for innovative design which allows a straight forward replacement.

Remarkable Features

  • Default baking soda and carbon to purify the air flow and to remove odor.
  • Denser filter to trap more dirt and road dust to enter into the car.
  • Improve airflow performance for a better and comfortable driving experience.
  • Non-restrictive nature to reduce strain and other particles
  • Innovative and versatile design to fit various models and brands. 

8. Toyota OEM Cabin Air Filter 87139-YZZ20

If you are finding a get-at-able air filter, Toyota OEM air filter can meet your need unerringly. It not only saves your money but also provides the best quality air flow through the vehicle ventilation system. The OEM comes with more pleats than many other brands and models. So, the density ensures optimum protection from dirt and dust along with maximum airflow.

With great construction design and excellent build quality, the Toyota OEM is still the best in its arena. Though the filter isn’t thick as FRAM, it has denser pleats to ensure optimum protection. The dense pleats filter never blocks the airflow of the ventilation. But, it traps the dirt, pollen, and dust to enter into the car.

As the filter comes with factory fit, you need not any tool or mechanical knowledge to replace the old filter. Save your bucks by installing the filter yourself according to the manual from the manufacturer. It requires a maximum of 10 minutes to replace the filter. However, don’t forget the filter to replace after 12000 miles driving. Otherwise, the filter won’t work well to ensure a healthy environment.

Remarkable Features

  • Precise service with moderate price.
  • A maximum number of pleats to ensure denser protection from dirt and dust.
  • Tenuous layers with dense pleats provide maximum airflow.
  • Factory fit filter requires no tool, knowledge or time for the replacement.

9. Kootek 2 Pack Cabin Air Filter for CF10285 Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Subaru, Active Carbon Against Bacteria Dust Viruses Pollen Gases Odors

If air filter traps the contaminants and helps the air quality in the vehicle, so what the difference among various models and brands is. The Kootek CF10285 is quite an exceptional cabin air filter to perform for trapping the dirt along with improving in-vehicle air quality. Not only that, it comes with active carbon which works against bacteria in the air.

The air carries germs in the shape of particles, dust, and pollen. It can enter into the human body through each breath. But, the active carbon protection in the Kootek filter prevents the dust, pollen, gases, and dirt to enter into the car through ventilation system and edges. It also pulls out the odor from the in-vehicle air with the help of baking soda.

In addition to the soda and carbon, the well-built filter ensures the best quality materials for manufacture. It has 23 pleats each of 1 mm side to side play. The greater number of pleats with the thinner layers ensures optimum protection. So, nothing harmful can enter through the layers. It freshens the air quality through a vehicle ventilation system.

And now it’s time for the fit and installation. The sturdy model fits well with the glovebox of the various models. You can use it for almost a year for a healthy environment. However, when you feel unhygienic environment or odor inside the car, replace the filter as soon as possible. After all, comfort driving is the priority.

Remarkable Features

  • 23 pleats of layers to ensure optimum protection.
  • Wide area of the filter for maximum airflow.
  • Activated charcoal and soda to remove odor, dust, pollen, and other contaminants.
  • Enhances HVAC performance by removing odor, road dust, and pollen.
  • Fit with a maximum number of models and brands.

10. ECOGARD XC36115 Premium Cabin Air Filter Fits Subaru Forester, Impreza, XV Crosstrek, Crosstrek, WRX, WRX STI

A statistic from WHO says that about 53% of passengers and drivers are affected allergies from the car. So, are you one of them to get affected by allergies? Or, do you smell odor inside the car while driving?  ECOGARD XC36115 is premium cabin air filter to improve the air quality inside the car. It freshens the air by removing odor and dust from the in-vehicle environment.

The car manufacturers always recommend replacing the cabin air filter after driving 12000-15000 miles. But, it is best to replace seasonally for each spring or winter. So, will you expense about $100 whenever you can meet it by paying less than $50? ECOGARD SC36115 is an accessible but robust model for ensuring precise service.

It comes with the custom design which ensures 99.5% air quality. Though it fits not many models, it provides premium filtering efficiency. However, the filter requires no complicated tools and knowledge to be installed. So, follow the installation instructions to compete for the replacement within 15 minutes.

Remarkable Features

  • Ensures up to 99.5% filtering efficiency for improving air quality.
  • Enhance the performance of the HVAC system.
  • Provides sufficient airflow but prevents road dust, pollen, and other pollutants.
  • Easy installation with no mechanical knowledge and complicated tools required.
  • Compatible with selected models and brands but fit perfectly.

Benefits of ​Changing ​Cabin ​Air ​Filter

The cabin air filter is an over-looked but part and parcel for the modern vehicles. Studies show that in-vehicle air has much more contaminants than the out-vehicle air. Here, the cabin air filter freshens the inner air by pulling out the contaminants of the car. Moreover, it comes with carbon and soda embedded in the filer to remove the odor from inside the vehicle.

Remove Small Particles

As most of the vehicle has an HVAC system or AC, the small size of contaminants can enter into the car. It pollutes the air which is severe harmful. It causes different airborne diseases. So, the cabin air filter is installed to capture the smallest silica particles such as 0.5-10.0mm. Moreover, the charcoal and soda reduce any objectionable odors from the car to ensure fresh and healthy air.

Reduce Engine Strain

Due to the presence of the cabin air filter, the Air Conditioner of the car works well. The filter removes the debris, dirt, and dust from the air. Hence, nothing can clog the AC while it is running. Moreover, the filter helps to run all the parts smoothly as the natural air flow presence there. However, the engine of the vehicle works in full swing to cool the cabin air filter. As a result, fuel efficiency is increased from the engine.

Emits pollution and allergies

Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergens caused by pollen and other dust. The filter helps to remove all associated contaminants for allergens. It also removes pollen, odor, and dust. Besides, the thin layers prevent the undesirable particulates from entering. Also, the filer helps to maintain the temperature which is important for the passengers as well as for the engine.

As the study found that, articulate emission doubles for every 20-degree Fahrenheit temperature drop, the fresh filter maintain the constant temperature.

How to Check Cabin Air Filter

Though the cabin air filter is a new and important addition to the vehicle, most of the car owners overlook it. To get the best performance from the filter, it should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. But, many owners don’t know how to check the filter. So, let’s start:

  • Open the glovebox and take out the contents. Then remove the limiting stop arm by turning it on the right side off the pin.
  • Release the glove box by squeezing them toward each other. The side clamps will pop free. Now, drop down the glove box when the sides become free. Here, you can see the faceplate of the cabin air filter.
  • Now open the filter compartment. For this, lift the latches on the sides of the faceplate and slide it. Pull out the filter of the glove box. Be careful here. Don’t remove any debris, dirt or dust inside the car. Also, notice the directions of the arrows. It indicates the airflow.
  • Clean the filter chamber and check the seal and the gaskets. Wipe it with a damp cloth by keeping its vacuum. No contaminants should be there after cleaning.
  • Check all the parts of the glove box and the filter. If everything is alright, install it in the same way you have done previously. Always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

How Often Should the Cabin Filter be Changed?

You have already known how to check the cabin air filter. So, visual inspection is the best way to know whether the filter needs a replacement or not.

The manufacturers always recommend changing the filter after 12000-15000 miles traveling. However, you can change it once in the winter or spring. Usually, you’ll know when the filter should be changed. But, practically, if you feel that driving isn’t comfortable and also the breath is, you must check the cabin filter. However, you may check the following factors to know the emergence of replacing the filter.


The filter contains two types of layers. One is the particulate layer, and the other is a carbon layer. Though the particulate layer remains active through the years, the carbon layers can’t sustain after a certain time, specifically a year. After a year, it can’t absorb the odor from the contaminants. So, when you smell any odor, you must check the carbon layer of the filter.


It is the most common way to check the efficiency of the filter. Generally, it is recommended that the filter needs to be changed after 12000-15000 miles. Sometimes, the mileage can be increased or decreased. But, mostly it depends on the surrounded environment. You can’t expect a 15000 mileage in a windy or hilly environment.


If the environment contains many contaminants, the layers will be decayed soon. So, the filter can’t prevent a higher number of pollens in a contaminated environment. Like the pollens, if the road contains too much dust, dirt or mold, you may need to change the filter frequently.

Cabin Air Filter vs. Air Filter

Many a man thinks that cabin air filter and the air filter both are the same. But there is a significant difference between them. Specifically, an air filter provides required air to the engine whereas the cabin air filter ensures healthy air inside the car.

 Air Filter

The air filter works for the engine, specifically for the motor of the engine. The engine needs a sufficient amount of air which must be free from dirt, dust, debris, and pollen. The contaminants damage the efficiency of the engine. The air filter is situated inside the motor inlet to ensure that the air must be free from all harming particles. If the air filter can’t work well to block the harming particles, the fuel consumption will be increased. Also, the strain will be on the engine. So, the air filter must be replaced at specific periods to ensure efficiency at a peak.

Cabin Air Filter

Like air filter, a cabin air filter also blocks the harming particles to enter into the car. But, this time it doesn’t work for the engine rather for the passengers and the driver. It is fitted inside the glove box or the Air Conditioning system. It pulls out dirt, debris, mold, and pollens from entering into the cabin. Also, the carbon and soda embedded in the filter remove odors from the contaminants.

It makes the trip pleasant by ensuring fresh and vivid air circulation in the cabin. However, the filter also needs to be replaced after a certain period for providing the best environment on the trip.

How to Choose the Best Cabin Air Filter

Though the cabin air filter is the latest addition to the vehicles, it comes with different models and sizes. A model may not fit all models and brands of the vehicles. However, it is a part of the cockpit through heating, ventilation or air condition system. Sometimes it comes with a filter with several layers; sometimes it comes with different filters. Sometimes you may find a miniature paper filter, or sometimes the filter is a blend of cotton and paper.  However, no filter is ensured for lifetime use of the car. But, you have to choose the best cabin air filter which lasts long and ensures efficiency at its peak. So, follow the following factors to choose the best one:

Model of Vehicle​

The ideal starting point of choosing the best cabin air filter is to consider the model of the vehicle. The filter must be compatible with the vehicle model. Though some models claim that they are universal, the manufacturers manufacture different models. So, it is quite impossible for any model to be universal. Even there is no principle among the brands to manufacture universal filter. So, always consider the size, design, and specifications for the certain model.


Paper filters are the most common filters ever found. Though they are cheap, they need frequent replacement. However, you may find the filters blending of paper and cotton. They are pricier but can sustain and serve for a long time. But, if you want to save your bucks without compromising quality, you can choose washable filters. They may be pricy, but save your money in the long run.


Though cabin filters look same in their respective purposes, a simple feature can differ them in quality. For example, some filters have embedded carbon and soda; some filters haven’t them. Some are made of cotton whereas some made of paper. So, always pay a close look at the warranties, materials, protection capabilities, durability and many more. Finally, you must consider the budget you want to spend on the filter. After, you should get the best ever product within your budget.

Types of Cabin air filter

You have already known several types of cabin air filters such as cotton, paper or the blend of cotton and paper. However, the two main cabin filter types are the dust type and the combination of the odor and the dust.

Pollen/Electrostatic/Paper Cabin Air Filters

It especially prevents road dust, debris, dirt, pollens, and molds to enter into the cabin through the ventilation system. The size of the contaminants is larger than 0.3 microns. So, the dust filter can prevent up to 100% particles which are larger than 0.3 microns. It also freshens the in-vehicle air by removing dust through the vehicle ventilation system. It enhances the efficiency of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system.

Activated Charcoal Cabin Air Filters

It is a quite improve version of the previous dust filter. Along with the dust, the filter can remove the odor of the pollutants. It comes with an activated charcoal layer inside the filter. The charcoal absorbs all sorts of smell and odor from the air of the cabin.

Final Remarks

The cabin air filter is part and parcel of the modern-day vehicle. It comes default with the car ventilation system. It not only filters the incoming air but also prevents contaminants from entering into the car. It also freshens the in-vehicle air by removing odor and unwanted smell from the car. Many a time, different cabin filters meet different purposes. Some remove odor whereas some remove odor and dirt simultaneously. So, pick the one which meets your need.

However, the cabin filter doesn’t work for the lifetime. It is also clogged and needs to be replaced. So, when it is time to get a replacement, don’t hesitate to change it. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from allergies and other pollutants. Moreover, your trip can’t be pleasant. So, it is highly recommended to change the filter after a specific period and breath fresh and healthy air. 

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